Volcano Press has been publishing books on domestic violence and women’s health for forty years.

Forty years ago, the domestic violence movement consisted of a handful of grass-roots shelters, struggling to survive.

And yet the struggle to end domestic violence is still a movement. Although today there is the federally funded Violence Against Women Act (authored by Senator Joe Biden), and many dedicated community agencies, activists, counselors, attorneys, law enforcement, and caring families and friends, there is still a long way to go.

We are living in a time of violence. "33 MILLION is the number of U.S. adults--representing 15% of the population--who say they have been victims of domestic violence." (Source: Harris Poll)

If we can develop tools and understanding to effectively stop intimate violence, perhaps we can develop tools and understanding to end all violence in our time.

Towards this goal, we continue to pledge our allegiance. We hope that the Volcano Press books you see listed here will be of assistance. You will note that we are now making available some fine books and pamphlets from other publishers, and plan to add more as we learn about them.

Please let us know of good materials that we are not carrying.

Many thanks for your input,

Adam Gottstein, Publisher

Ruth Gottstein, Publisher Emerita

Volcano Press occupies an old brewery in the photo above (Circa 1910), built in 1856 in Volcano, located in the heart of California's Historic Mother Lode. The image below was taken in autumn of 2007.

Coit Tower San Francisco
Its History and Art
Learning to Live Without Violence
A Handbook for Men ~ Used by counselors and therapists across the country...especially for the court-ordered perpetrator
Family and Friends Guide to Domestic Violence
How to Listen, Talk and Take Action When Someone You Care About is Being Abused ~ Received a 'starred-review from Library Journal for core material on the subject of domestic violence
Surviving Domestic Violence
Voices of Women Who Broke Free ~ Received a 'starred-review from Library Journal for core material on the subject of domestic violence ~ Used by universities across the country for Social Work required reading
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